About your relocation provider…

Rachel came to the Island as a small child. She has resided in eight of Victoria's 13 municipalities, attended elementary school through to postsecondary and has worked in the public, private and small-business sectors. Rachel understands how overwhelming these tasks can be when families are busy enough dealing with the emotional changes of starting out in a new environment alone.
After having lived in other parts of the world, on returning to Victoria she would start over each time — new job, new home, new location, new found interests. Rachel You don’t need to deal with firms who may be distant in place, attitude, or down to earth relevant information. Rachel is always on the move for you, expanding her knowledge base even further.
With her expansive knowledge of the area, finding good places to live, suitable work situations, purchasing a reliable vehicle, obtaining insurance, registering for healthcare, became second nature to her. She currently holds the "Relocation Specialist" designation, earned through the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC).

Rachel understands how the ‘little things’ can be ‘big things’, and every member of a family (including the 4 legged variety!) has his or her own important needs.

"I can't thank Rivers rellocation enough for having found my perfect home! it is truly my sanctuary and I am so greatful for the genuine care, for listening and for Rachel's eagerness to truly understand and deliver what I wanted. Running the operations of two businesess is like having 2 full-time jobs everyday; I could not have done this without Rachel. With infinite gratitude,"                                          - Roxana B.